John Oliver Tears Apart Sean Spicer For Saying The Trump Administration Has 'No Regrets' About Wiretap Scandal

John Oliver tore apart White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on the latest episode of Last Week Tonight. But he didn't call out the voice of the Trump administration for backing President Trump's bogus wiretapping allegation against former President Barack Obama. And he didn't target Spicer for suggesting that Obama colluded with Britain's GCHQ to set up illegal surveillance on Trump -- claims that have since been debunked by British intelligence.

No, John Oliver tore into Spicer for telling reporters last week that the Trump administration has no regrets about the wiretapping scandal that is besieging the White House.

"That is Sean Spicer saying he has no regrets, which is amazing because if anyone on this planet should have fucking regrets, it is you, Madame Ghostbuster," Oliver said. "You should regret everything. Every life decision that brought you into this regretful job that you regretfully hold. At this point, you should really be more regret than man. A regret-ataur, if you will: half-man, half-regretful beast, cursed to roam the planet until one day you're finally released from your prison by the inevitable firing you'll receive in -- let's say two-and-a-half weeks."

And if you don't know why Spicer should be lamenting the day he was born, check out this overview of the wiretap scandal.



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