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John Oliver Rounds Up The Worst International Women's Day Fails Of 2018

International Women's Day means marches, calls for gender equity and "ham-fisted efforts of brands trying to appear like progressive feminists," John Oliver noted yesterday on 'Last Week Tonight.' And some of those Women's Day fails were more hilariously inept than others.

For instance, McDonald's tried to cash in by flipping the 'M' in their sign. "You know, for women. Because I guess the 'M' is for 'Men' the rest of the time," Oliver noted.

"And then there was Brawny, who ran a 'who's your shero?' Now, the only problem with that is we consulted some linguistics experts and it turns out - and this is true - there's already a word for women's heroes and it's the word 'heroes.' It's like the word 'sheroes' only it's not stupid and it is a word," Oliver noted.

But the worst, of course, were reactions from Women's Day detractors, whose opposition ranged from snide to the downright creepy. Like one local newscaster who drooled over the new Frida Kahlo Barbie because it reminded him of his impure thoughts for Salma Hayek.

"It was a segment about women's empowerment, children's toys and a long-dead artist. But he decided, 'I can perv out on this, I will perv out on this, with God as my witness, I will make this Women's Day segment about my dick,'" Oliver said.

But that's nothing compared to the antics of Mike Jerrick - the member of the Philadelphia-based Fox affiliate who celebrated Women's Day by drawing minimalist boobs on air and bringing a doll that looked like his co-host and talked about keeping the creepy figurine next to his bed so he could see her first thing in the morning. Seriously. Check it out in the clip below.


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