John Oliver Pitches New Facebook Slogan: 'Facebook, We Own Who You Are'

Facebook has been trying to save face recently after revelations that the social media giant has been careless with its users' personal information and inadvertently promoting fake news, which arguably played a huge role in deciding the 2016 presidential election and has allegedly cost lives in Myanmar.  

Now they're asking users to give them a do-over in a new ad that promises to get back to the platform's supposedly altruistic roots. The clip promises to weed out clickbait and fake news so that people can enjoy each other's virtual company. Because, as the narrator says, "when this place does what it was built for, then we all get a bit closer." 

"Fuck you," John Oliver said in response to the ad after playing yesterday on 'Last Week Tonight.' "Facebook was doing exactly what it was built for: that's why it was worth $600 billion. You didn't build history's most profitable data harvesting machine by accident."

To drive that point home, the 'Last Week Tonight' team put together an ad that sums up what Facebook's really all about. And it comes with a catchier slogan: "Facebook: We Own Who You Are."

Check it out in the clip below.



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