'Unfunny Muppet' John Oliver Reads Hate Mail

John Oliver won't have a full episode of Last Week Tonight until the crew returns from vacation later this month. So he's filling the broadcast gap with youtube shorts - including a segment featuring him reading hate mail received from the show's viewers.

"Now, as always, our fan mail comes in the form of youtube comments, the most cogent written argument for never learning how to read," Oliver said before reading some of his favorite feedback."One commenter said, 'John Oliver looks like a mix of a Pokemon and a child molester.'"

Somehow Oliver laughed through that critique. However, he was stung by a viewer who called him a humorless muppet.

"The most discouraging thing I saw was a comment that read, 'at least you serve your corporate masters well, Unfunny live action Beaker.' Which was incredibly discouraging mainly because I was annoyed that I hadn't thought of that myself. I don't mind being insulted by commenters, but it really hurts when I'm out-comedian-ed by them."

But Oliver did get combative over a few pieces of feedback. "Another comment simply described our show as 'uniquely boring.' Which...is not an insult. For something to be both unique and boring is a true feat. It's a phrase that I would reserve for something exceptional like a Ken Burns documentary on snails."

Check out Oliver's rebuttals to other commenters in the full clip:


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