John Oliver's 2016 Endorsement: Animals Wearing People Clothes

You won't see a full episode of Last Week Tonight until July 24, but John Oliver has uploaded another short to fill the gap during his vacation. The latest segment takes on endorsements for the upcoming presidential election. "Or as it's now better known, 'Uncle Sam's Rock Bottom Yankee Doodle Suicide Pact 2016,'" Oliver quipped.

But instead of stumping for candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, Oliver stepped outside the realm of politics and endorsed things like one of his favorite wardrobe combinations.

"I'm also happy to get behind gingham shirts with ties that you wouldn't think go, but somehow kinda go. Take it from me, by the way, you really want someone to pick those out for you. Or you are fu**ed."

Check out the rest of his endorsements - including people befriending aliens like Tilda Swinton - below.


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