John Oliver Donated Russell Crowe's Old Jockstrap To One Of The Last Surviving Blockbusters

Although internet streaming all but killed big movie rental companies, there are still a few Blockbuster Video stores managing to scrape by in Alaska. But they won't survive much longer unless they figure out a way to compete in today's movie market.

"If only there were a fun, movie-themed way for them to draw people in," John Oliver opined during yesterday's episode of 'Last Week Tonight.' "You know, the way that Planet Hollywood sucks you in with a chance to dine alongside the baseball mitt that out-acted Madonna in 'A League of their Own'."

That glove wasn't up for grabs, unfortunately, so Oliver got the next best thing: the leather jockstrap that Russell Crowe wore in the 2005 biopic 'Cinderella Man.' Crowe was selling that and other memorabilia as part of his 'Art of Divorce' auction held in celebration of his split with Australian singer Danielle Spencer. The old-timey groin protector was expected to reap $500 in the auction, but the winning bidder actually ended up forking over $7,000.

"There has been some speculation out there that we were the ones who bought that jockstrap," Oliver noted, "and I will admit it does sound like something that we would do. You know, buy Russell Crowe's jockstrap and send it to one of the last remaining Blockbusters in Alaska. Even that sentence is absolutely incredible to say out loud. The bad news is, we didn't do it. I'm sorry it wasn't us. We didn't buy it," Oliver told the disappointed audience.

"We did though - we absolutely did," he added with chagrin. Then he shouted "are you not entertained" while bringing out the jockstrap in its illuminated exhibit case.

And that's not all they bought. Check out the other artifacts from Russell Crowe's career that will soon appear in the last remaining Blockbuster in Anchorage, Alaska.



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