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John Goodman Reveals Which Movie Quote Fans Shout at Him the Most

There's no shortage of highlights from John Goodman's acting resume, which includes hits like 'Raising Arizona,' 'Monsters, Inc.' and 'Argo.' But while those films won critical acclaim for Goodman, they aren't the ones that fans quote most often when they see him on the street. That honor goes to Joel and Ethan Coen's 'The Big Lebowski,' in which Goodman played the high-strung Vietnam War vet Walter Sobchak, who known for enforcing bowling rules at gunpoint and for his unrelenting hatred for nihilism.

Oh, and he also had a catchphrase that gets quoted back to Goodman all the time.  If you're not sure which line that is, here's a hint:

That's the line that Goodman hears most often from fans, he told Seth Meyers recently. And while some actors might hate hearing the f-word shouted at them nonstop, Goodman takes it in stride.

"It's not as bad as when [Steve] Buscemi gets it on the street," he quipped.

Buscemi, of course, played Donny, who could barely get a word in edgewise before Goodman's character told him to can it.

Check out the full interview in the clip below:


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