John Dunsworth's Best Marijuana Moments

John Dunsworth - best known for his iconic role as Jim Lahey, the antagonistic (and alcoholic) trailer park supervisor in the Trailer Park Boys - has died after a brief illness at the age of 71. 

TPB fans will remember Dunsworth's countless highly quotable moments throughout the Canadian cult hit's eleven seasons; perhaps the most notable being his sobering declaration that "I am the liquor" - uttered while plotting the demise of Ricky, Bubbles and Julian for the umpteenth time.

Fans will also remember Dunsworth for his spectacular rapport with fans. He and TPB co-star Patrick Roach - who plays Mr. Lahey's partner (in love and trailer park supervision), Randy - frequently toured as a duo and always made time to converse with spectators.

It was during these tours that Dunsworth's onstage banter would often turn to cannabis - a central character itself in TPB. Below, we've rounded up Dunsworth's best marijuana moments over the years. 

1. When he sang the praises of cannabis for treating PTSD, cancer and addiction

During a show with co-star Patrick Roach at Jonathan's Ogunquit in Maine in May of 2015, Dunsworth launched into an impromptu rant about the benefits of medical marijuana for PTSD, cancer and weaning off hard drugs.

2. When he called out the major players standing in the way of cannabis legalization

Dunsworth touched on a lot of important subjects pertaining to the fight against cannabis prohibition during an interview at the Vancouver Health Expo during the Kush Cup in 2013, but perhaps most notably was his criticism of Big Pharma and other major players for "standing in line making it impossible to make [cannabis] a legal substance." 

3. When he declared that legalizing cannabis would be a "good step forward" for Canada during an interview on CBC

This interview between the CBC's Jim Nunn and Dunsworth caused an uproar when it first aired in 2008, as it appeared the TV anchor had brought in Dunsworth for the sole purpose of lambasting him for his role on TPB. While it was later revealed by Dunsworth himself that Nunn "was acting when he made an ass of both of us on CBC television" - and Nunn would actually go on to play a small role in the TPB film, 'Don't Legalize It' - Dunsworth still managed to score a few points for cannabis legalization during the interview. Watch him advocate for legalization around the 2:00 mark. 

4. When 'Mr. Lahey' showed up to the Trailer Park Boys podcast after eating 'two of Randy's brownies' for breakfast

While it's unclear whether Dunsworth was actually drunk or high during this segment, this wouldn't be the first time he played the part of a severely inebriated individual with aplomb - far from it, in fact. Despite his TPB character's fondness for hard liquor, Dunsworth himself rarely drank. 

Here's hoping the herb in heaven is dank, Mr. Lahey. 


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