John Boehner Reveals Why He's Now Supporting Medical Marijuana

Earlier this week it came out that former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner had joined the board of a medical marijuana company. And now Boehner's revealed the reasons why he switched his views on cannabis.

Boehner appeared on the Today show to discuss his recent move to join a medical marijuana board. He said that after talking to people in the cannabis industry as well as people in his life, he began to evolve on the issue.

“I found myself like a lot of Americans over the last 10 years or so beginning to look at this issue a little differently,” Boehner said in the interview. “When I began to sit down Kevin Murphy, the founder of Acreage Holdings. I began to learn more. And I had conversations with my friends, and I found myself in a position where I thought I could lend my voice to this discussion about the medical use of marijuana.”

Boehner said he still does not support legalizing marijuana recreationally in all 50 states, although he does support states determining their own cannabis laws. He also said he believes the federal classification of marijuana should be changed as well.

You can watch Boehner's full interview with Today below:

It's always so heartwarming when a politician finally supports the right side in an argument after they've retired and have no influence whatsoever on governing the country.

(h/t Fortune)


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