'It's Good To Be Back,' Joe Rogan Says After His First Puff To Cap Off #SoberOctober

Joe Rogan is back. After abstaining from alcohol and marijuana for 31 days in #SoberOctober, the comedian/cannabis advocate celebrated the end of his sobriety binge by having a puff and sipping bourbon on his podcast yesterday.

"Ah, the sweet taste of marijuana," Rogan said while exhaling his first toke. "It's good to be back. It feels good. I missed it."

But he doesn't regret one second of the sobriety challenge. "I'll tell you what though, I enjoyed being sober. Not that I needed to be sober. Not like I was a junky with a problem. But it's nice to take a reset."  

So he's planning on making the reset an annual experience, and he wants you to take the challenge too. "I'm gonna do it every year. I'm gonna do #SoberOctober every year. So gear yourselves up, ladies and gentlemen. In eleven months from now, join on in."

Think you can handle 31 days without alcohol or marijuana? Then look around for a charity that will help you raise money for a good cause during next year's sobriety challenge.


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