Joe Namath Says the NFL Should Let Players Use Medical Marijuana for Pain

Super Bowl champion and NFL hall-of-famer Joe Namath says he doesn't see anything wrong with bringing medical marijuana into professional football.

Namath is probably best known for helping bring the New York Jets to their only ever Super Bowl win back in 1969. But the former star quarterback has also spent a lot of time in recent years helping push treatment for players suffering from concussions. And while he didn't directly contribute to the NFL's new plan to study cannabis for pain management, Namath said he didn't see any reason why players shouldn't have access to the stuff.

"If you're playing games or you're doing something or if it makes you get over some pain that you may have in some form, God bless you," Namath said in a Fox Business interview Tuesday.

Namath said he trusted that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would put the right people in place to make sure the league's marijuana research is sound.

"Mr. Goodell has experts working with him—they are very smart people—they are going to deal with it the way they see fit."

The former quarterback did have one concern with the potential use of marijuana, however.

"I don't want anybody to be high on anything while they are driving a car," said Namath.

While Namath's comments aren't exactly a glowing endorsement of cannabis, having celebrated players like Namath on the side of reform is a huge win for the legalization movement.


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