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Joan Jett Has A Passion For Cannabis And The Baltimore Orioles

Joan Marie Larking, who's better known by her stage name Joan Jett, is a rock hall-of-famer, a record producer and a medical marijuana user. In a 2015 interview with High Times, The Godmother of Punk - who turns 58 today - revealed that she uses cannabis to treat nagging shoulder problems that stem from her days wrestling with bandmates in The Runaways and auditioning for Major League Baseball in the 90s.

"In the early ’90s, I went to the Baltimore Orioles fantasy camp, where, if you’re a fan, you can spend a couple weeks’ worth of spring training," Jett said. "You get a uniform and have teams; you play two games a day and get coached by the major-league coaches. It’s really incredible. Everybody probably thought it was funny that I was trying to kill myself doing this stuff: 'Hey, Joan! You’re not a pro. Ease up - you’re going to hurt yourself.' But I went as far as I could."

When the old injury acted up again in 2015, High Times sent Jett some CBD balms that helped her recover.

"Useful, very useful," she said of the treatment. "I don’t understand why marijuana was made into this evil thing so long ago. Beyond whether or not you smoke joints, you can’t deny the medical benefits of legalizing."

She also supports smoking recreationally - as long as people puff responsibly. "On the personal side: Of course I smoke pot. It’s not a big deal. I think you have to be responsible, like with anything."

But she's a bit more reckless when it comes to being a Baltimore Orioles fan. Back in the 1980s, she offered to wear her favorite team's jersey in the front row of Yankee Stadium just to irritate New York fans. Here's the full story from former Orioles exec Charles Steinberg.

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