Watch Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen Choose the Mount Rushmore of People to Smoke Weed With

One of the more popular ice breakers people use is asking someone who their dream dinner guests would be. But why doesn't anyone ask about their dream weed smoking partners? Well, Jimmy Kimmel did exactly that with Seth Rogen.

Seth Rogen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, when the late night host brought up a Mount Rushmore of People to Smoke Weed With. Kimmel then went on to list his personal top four candidates, as you can see near the end of the video above.

Kimmel chose Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Woody Harrelson and Rogen for his Mount Rushmore. It may be somewhat controversial to put Harrelson and Rogen ahead of Cheech and Chong, although Kimmel backed it up by noting that neither of them are exactly in the mainstream anymore. And considering Rogen's comedy is about 88 percent marijuana based, you'd definitely have to include him on the list.

It's too bad we didn't get to hear Rogen's list. Although, he'd probably just pick the four people he smoked weed with last Saturday.


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