WATCH: Can You Guess If These People Get High At Work?

Jimmy Kimmel recently went out to Hollywood's Walk of Fame to ask passersby a burning question: have you ever been high at work? And as usual, he rounded up a bunch of average Americans plus a couple colorful characters - including a dude with a mohawk mullet and a self-described 'psycho-clown'.

"I'm Stitches the Clown - the Phoenix psychopath, the most ruthlessly gnarly horror act in the country," the man with ketchup-colored hair said. Check out this clip to find out if Stitches smokes marijuana while he's not juggling severed heads in your nightmares.


Going to a dispensary for the first time can be a surprise for parents, who may have a different impression of the cannabis retail experience (i.e. buying weed in a baggie from a dealer). In this episode of Cannabis Conversations, parents from all walks of life tell us about their experience with dispensaries.

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