Jimmy Kimmel Asks: Are These People Skating Or Sneezing?

Not only are the Winter Olympics in full swing, but as Jimmy Kimmel points out, it’s cold and flu season as well. What better time than now for a game of ‘Skating or Sneezing?’

Are these the faces of professional athletes focusing intensely during one of the biggest moments of their career? Or are they simply regular schmoes about to cough up something nasty? The answers may surprise you.

Watch the video above and see how well you do.


Dust off your air guitar, because it looks like that new Bill and Ted movie is finally happening – for real this time. “It looks like we might, actually, hopefully make a movie this summer,” the duo said, trading words in a brief video announcement posted to Twitter on Wednesday. The video features Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter standing before The Hollywood Bowl thanking the fans for their enduring love for the characters.

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