Check Out Jim Morrison's PSA For Florida State University

Jim Morrison - who was born 73 years ago today - is best known as the lead singer of The Doors, a rebel poet and the epitome of the brooding yet sultry rock singer. But did you also know he was a spokesman for Florida State University? Before skyrocketing to fame in the mid-sixties, a clean-cut Morrison acted in a college PSA called "Florida State University: Toward a Greater Future" (1964).

The Lizard King - or Lizard Prince, at this point perhaps - played an aspiring scholar whose application to FSU application gets turned down. Check it out as the angst breaks on through his sullen eyes.

A voiceover takes over from there, explaining how the university doesn't have the resources to accept every qualified undergrad who applies for admission. Then Morrison comes back toward the end of the clip, demanding answers for why his application was denied.

"But what happened? How come my parents, or the university or the state didn't look ahead?" Morrison asks, adding "Recruiter, I want to kill you. Registrar, I want to...fwadah baaaaaaby, yeah!"

Okay, we made up that last part. But you do see him act in the clip at the start and finish. Check it out.

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