A Bad Case Of The Munchies Leads Jenny Slate To An Encounter With A Hot Dentist

Actress and comedian Jenny Slate appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote her new movie 'Venom,' and the 36-year-old actress explained how she has recently determined that she is now "firmly in her adulthood."

"I think the signs of that are I’m trying to pull back on smoking weed constantly," she said, before relating a recent smoking sesh that ended with her cutting her mouth on a potato chip as she consumed them by the handful.

Apparently, she had cut herself badly enough that the next morning she felt the need to visit a dentist. So, after asking a "very fancy woman" for a recommendation, she went to one.

Turns out, though, that unlike her last appointment with a dentist many years before, this dental care professional was a total smoke show.

While he couldn’t do much about her cut, the visit wasn’t a total loss as, thankfully, he discovered two cavities.

"So we’re going to see each other again in November!"

Watch the full clip below.


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