Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Smoked Pot Before the Oscars, When And With Whom Are The Questions

America's cool big sister Jennifer Lawrence admitted to a pre-show bong hit before the Oscars in an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. If you can't handle the Bravo-ness of it all, skip to 54 seconds. Lawrence cops to taking a hit off a friend's bong before one of the Academy Award ceremonies she attended. While she declines say which one, we're more interested in whose bong she smoked from. Meryl Streep? Glenn Close?...Daniel Day-Lewis?


Both houses of the New Jersey legislature have chosen to postpone voting on a bill that would have legalized recreational cannabis in the state. New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney (D) has announced that Monday's Senate and Assembly votes on the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory and Expungement Aid Modernization Act has been cancelled. "While we are all disappointed that we did not secure enough votes to ensure legislative approval of the adult use cannabis bill today, we made substantial progress on a plan that would make significant changes in social policy," Sweeney said in a statement on Monday afternoon.

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