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Jeff Sessions 'Doesn’t Know About History', Says Vicente Fox

Mexico could one day produce 60 percent of the legal cannabis consumed by Americans, declared former Mexican President Vicente Fox at the Cannabis Business Summit & Expo in Oakland, CA.

Fox put the challenge to domestic cannabis producers at the National Cannabis Industry Association's annual conference on Tuesday. He said Mexico and Canada plan to take the lead when it comes to medical and recreational cannabis exports.

“This product cannabis has to be integrated into" the North American Free Trade Agreement, Fox said.

“It has to have the trade potential of moving without barriers, without taxes and limits, only complying with the law, the consumer and his health. And he is willing to consume this product.”


Fox, the president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, also reflected upon the stark differences between today’s legal cannabis operators and the drug-lords Mexico has been dealing with for decades.

“How different it feels to be by the side of business community members who are responsible people and decision makers, rather than being by the side of Chapo Guzman or all those criminals that kill and kill and kill,” said Fox, who also made plenty of jabs at the Trump administration during his speech.

When asked by reporters what he thought about recent reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions sought to undo federal medical marijuana protections, Fox said: “That he is crazy. That he doesn’t know about history. That he doesn’t know what we have built with such a big effort and such sacrifice."

“I don’t know what has happened with this administration,” Fox added. “They are totally blind.”

h/t San Francisco Chronicle, The Cannifornian

Banner image: Mexican President Vicente Fox, (Gage Skidmore /


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