Jeff Sessions Says States Have the Right to Make Their Own Marijuana Laws, But He'll Still Enforce Federal Ones

It's been awhile since Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said anything stupid about marijuana, so maybe the anti-cannabis crusader has changed his ways in recent months thanks to political pressures. Well, turns out he hasn't.

Sessions was in Massachusetts conducting a press conference about fraud prosecutions. During the conference, a media member asked Sessions about his current feelings towards marijuana, which is particularly relevant since Massachusetts officially legalized recreational marijuana at the beginning of the month. But Sessions still has a hard-on for cannabis, it appears.

“Personally, my view is that the American republic will not be better if there are marijuana sales on every street corner,” Sessions said. “But states have a right to set their own laws and will do so.”

Wait, so it seems like he's saying stats have the rights to make their own laws, right? So does that mean he's going to let them? No.

“We’ll enforce the federal law,” Sessions also said. “I mean, the federal law remains the law of the United States.”

Sessions didn't elaborate further and the press conference moved on. But it's once again a signal that Sessions hasn't changed his mind on cannabis and continues his desire to enforce federal law.

(h/t Fresh Toast)


Proponents of the War on Drugs often claim that it's about keeping communities safe. But US drug laws are based less on public health and more on social control, according to Diane Goldstein—Chair of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP). "I think what's critically important is that most Americans recognize that, inherently, our drug laws have never been about public health," Goldstein told Civilized.