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Jeff Sessions Calls Liberals 'Snowflakes' and Joins a 'Lock Her Up' Chant During Speech to High Schoolers

Attorney General Jeff Sessions hasn't made many friends among cannabis advocates, but now it looks like he's decided to just piss off every liberal in the United States.

Sessions appeared at the Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit at George Washington University today, speaking to a bunch of conservative high school students. He basically spent the whole speech whining about liberal "snowflakes" who are too sensitive. He said they needed tissues after the 2016 election and talked about schools getting therapy dogs and other policies in that same vein.

Then after telling the students that he knew they would never back down from a fight, the crowd began chanting, "Lock her up," which was a popular refrain among Trump voters in 2016 in regards to Hillary Clinton. Sessions then joined in.

Some would say it's pretty inappropriate for the nation's top law enforcement agency to joke about sending a person to jail, particularly for pretty political reasons. Others would also say it's inappropriate for a member of the presidential cabinet to demean liberal-minded young people

Buzzfeed asked the Department of Justice if Sessions believes Clinton should be sent to prison or if he has any belief that she committed any crimes, but they did not respond back.

Can we just get rid of this guy already?

(h/t Buzzfeed)


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