Jeff Sessions Says DOJ Looking into 'Rational' Marijuana Policy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is famously anti-marijuana. He's even quoted as saying in the past, "Good people don't smoke marijuana." But a recent statement from the head of the Justice Department indicates his feelings towards marijuana could possibly be shifting. 

On Wednesday, Sessions unveiled the Trump administration's plan for battling America's opioid crisis. Unsurprisingly, the plan did not include the possibility of using marijuana as an alternative to the deadly drugs, but the Attorney General was still asked about cannabis. While Sessions still argued that the drug is dangerous, he says the DOJ is looking into implementing a "rational" marijuana policy.

"We're looking very hard on that right now. In fact, we had meetings yesterday and talked about it at some length," Sessions said."I don't want to suggest in any way that this department in any way believes that marijuana is harmless ... people should avoid it."

Now, Sessions didn't elaborate what he meant by a "rational" marijuana policy. And for a guy who frequently says cannabis is as dangerous as heroin, a "rational" policy will probably look a lot different than the kind of policies people who support marijuana law reform would want. But Sessions statement still implies that he believes DOJ policies are irrational and not warranted, which would be quite an evolution for him.

Of course, the Trump administration has had nearly a year to make any sort of stand on marijuana and has refused to in every instance, including combating the opioid crisis. So maybe a "rational" marijuana policy for Sessions would be simply embracing the irrational even more.

(h/t CNN)


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