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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Calls Marijuana a Gateway to Opioid Addiction

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not known for making rational statements about marijuana. But his latest comments on cannabis may be his most ridiculous yet.

At a Q&A at the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, Sessions discussed the nation's opioid crisis. And while most of his speech consisted of him warning of the dangers of prescription painkillers, he then went on to say that marijuana's play a key part in opioid addiction.

During his comments, Sessions said many police chiefs have told him that drug addiction "starts with marijuana." He also seemed to imply that part of the blame for the opioid crisis was cannabis legalization.

“I do think that this whole country needs to not be so lackadaisical about drugs,” he said. He didn't expand upon that thought, but considering his hostility to marijuana legalization, it's easy to figure out what he might mean. 

And what is Sessions' big plan to combat the opioid crisis? Just say no, of course!

“People should say no to drug use. They have got to protect themselves first,” he said.

Wow, what a revolutionary idea! Just say no to drugs! How did no one think of that? 

It should also be noted that Sessions made these remarks on the same day that President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on opioids. Considering one of his top Cabinet members thoughts on the issue, I'm skeptical they'll be able to solve anything.

(h/t Reuters)


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