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Jeff Sessions Accidentally Leaked the Agenda From His Anti-Marijuana Meeting

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not in the habit of hiding his true feelings about marijuana. In the past, he's said that good people don't use cannabis and said there's absolutely no benefits to the drug. But even for a guy who loves to publicly denounce marijuana, leaking the agenda for his own secret meeting about cannabis is still a little surprising.

Last week, Sessions held a behind-closed-doors meeting about drug policy with a handful of anti-marijuana advocates. Considering the secretive nature of the meeting, the Attorney General probably didn't want the agenda being revealed to the public. But it ended up becoming public because Sessions actually showed the agenda of the meeting to press photographers.

Here is a transcript of what's said in that photo, so you don't have to zoom in all the way on your computer:


Bertha Madras: Marijuana is not a substitute for opiates as a pain medication.

Dr. Hoover Adger: The harm from today’s marijuana.

Dr. Bob DuPont: The effect of marijuana on drugged driving.

David Evans: The role that the Food and Drug Administration can and should [obscured]

[obscured] The organizations you can speak for and what you and they are [obscured] people from recreational marijuana use.

[obscured] law enforcement thinks of the commercialization of [obscured] law enforcement would support an enforcement initiative.

[obscured] course of marijuana commercialization in the states if the [obscured] not intervene.

Considering many people are worried about a possible crackdown on marijuana by the Department of Justice, it's probably not good that Sessions is cherry-picking people who will feed him biased information against the drug that he already believes. And it's probably not good that the agenda says, "Law enforcement would support an enforcement initiative." 

But on the bright side, at least Sessions made sure that the DOJ wasn't two steps ahead of everyone else!

(h/t Vice)


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