Report: Even Jeff Sessions' Home State Of Alabama Supports Cannabis Legalization

If you needed any more proof that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not just ignoring the will of the American people, but the will of the people in his own home state - here you go.

Green Market Report has revealed that according to a recent survey from their partners at Consumer Research Around Cannabis, 60.2% of respondents in Alabama support cannabis legalization. This, they note, is close to the Pew Research Center's national average of 61%. 

The survey covered 21 counties surrounding Birmingham, taking care to get outside the denser urban areas. 

Other figures of note: 55.3% of self-described conservatives support medical and/or recreational legalization. 

But what may be the most surprising stat to come out of this report was only 13.9% of respondents actually disapproved of cannabis. This means that even in the reddest of red states (one that almost elected a pedophile just because he wasn't a democrat) a tiny fraction of the community disapproves of the legalization of marijuana. 20 years ago that humber would have been much, much higher. Cannabis legalization has come a long way in recent years and is - dare we say - a bipartisan issue now.

Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call to the anti-cannabis block of republicans. Wouldn't it be great if both parties realized that marijuana legalization (for both recreational and medicinal) is inevitable? Imagine if we had a government that saw what the people wanted and worked together to make it as safe and cost-effective as possible for their constituents who not only want it, but also need it to help them get through a painful disease?

Jeff - it might be high time to visit your home state and actually listen to people.


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