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Donald Trump Scolds Jeff Sessions for His Handling of Surveillance Abuse

Considering the number of people who have resigned or been fired from the Trump White House, it's not surprising when new reports come out about in-fighting in the administration. But it is unusual when the president and a cabinet member start having a nasty fight in public.

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have been going at it in the media today. The fight began over a decision by Sessions to use the Inspector General, an independent official used for sensitive issues, to look at allegations that the government abused the FISA system that allows them to wiretap suspicious individuals. Trump was not a fan of this decision.

Referring to the actions of one of your cabinet members as "disgraceful" is usually not a great look for a president. 

Sessions responded to Trump's tweet by making a statement, arguing that his decision was the appropriate action and that he would continue doing what he believes is right as Attorney General.

"As long as I am the attorney general, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and Constitution," Sessions said.

Trump's relationship with Sessions has been incredibly rocky. Last spring, Trump was allegedly irate at the Attorney General from recusing himself from the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, which was made even worse when Sessions' deputy put an independent prosecutor in charge. The independent prosecutor incident supposedly led to Sessions offering his resignation as Attorney General, but he was dissuaded from going through with it.

However Trump has still made a number of statements criticizing Sessions over a number of issues, including the Russia investigation, Hillary Clinton and, most recently, the Obama administration's failure to stop the 2016 election meddling.

Considering how often these two butt heads, it really wouldn't be surprising if Sessions resigned or was fired from his job in the next few months. Obviously, that is something marijuana enthusiasts would be happy about.

(h/t CNN)


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