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Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Advisor Might Have Crazier Views on Cannabis Than He Does

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not known for having rational views about marijuana. After all, this is the man who said good people don't use cannabis. And yet somehow Sessions has found someone with even crazier views about marijuana to advise him on drug policy.

Dr. Robert DuPont is one of a small handful of "experts" Sessions invited to the Department of Justice last month to help determine new policies related to marijuana. DuPont has actually been involved in drug policy in America since the 1970's, and in the early 1980's is one of the people who helped coin the phrase "gateway drug" to describe marijuana. Just a few years ago he wrote a blog post in which he said marijuana is "the most dangerous drug."

Even at 81-years-old, DuPont is still advocating crazy ideas for marijuana policy. He has advocated for law enforcement officials to test anyone they stop on the road for illegal drugs, and that they should be arrested no matter the amount in their system. In fact, he believes that any sample taken from a person that tests positive for any drug should be considered a DUI offense. 

But DuPont has other beliefs unrelated to drugged driving. He believes drug tests should become a routine part of visiting a doctor's office, and that people who test positive should be forced into treatment against their will. In an interview with the Daily Beast, DuPont said he believes doctors should test for drugs in patients the same way they do for diabetes or cholesterol. He also said that patients forced into treatment would be forced into five year monitoring programs to ensure they avoid illegal substances. 

Ironically, DuPont wasn't always such a radical anti-drug crusader. He was the first Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the 1970's under Presidents Nixon and Ford. When he began, he actually advocated for the decriminalization of marijuana and even helped open the first methadone clinics in the United States. However, as the decade went on, his views began to shift and he was eventually forced to resign after a number of controversial statements, including his desire to drug test all parolees and send them back to prison if they tested positive.

And now DuPont is being brought into closed door meetings with the Attorney General of the United States to determine the nation's policies regarding marijuana. Great.

(h/t Daily Beast)


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