Jeff Goldblum Discusses His Experience with Psychedelic Drugs

Whether you love or hate actor Jeff Goldblum, there's no denying that the 'Jurassic Park' star always gives the best interviews. And they've gotten even better recently, as Goldblum has started sharing anecdotes about dabbling with psychedelic drugs like mescaline and LSD.

"My experience with the psychedelics goes like this," Goldblum told Pitchfork. "In 1971, I took mescaline three times, and I had a grand time on that every time. I saw Fellini's 'Satyricon' with a group of people...and it was a double-bill with The Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine.' Oh, boy, I was into it."

And that was just the beginning of his experimentation with psychedelic drugs.

"I took acid once that same year," Goldblum said before telling the story of playing conga drums in a Brooklyn apartment at a party where the hosts blared The Rolling Stones album 'Let It Bleed.' The LSD took so long to kick in that Goldblum forgot he'd taken anything, which made the trip even more surreal.

But despite not having a bad experience with either psychedelic substance, Goldblum doesn't recommend taking anything too intense before seeing his movies - especially 'Jurassic Park.'

"I don't want you to have a bad trip," he told Pitchfork. "You take that acid, and you might get scared." 

Plus you don't need any mind-altering substances to enjoy Goldblum's best moments from the film.


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