How To Make A White Russian Like 'The Big Lebowski'

Jeff Bridges - who turns 67 today - is an enduring cannabis culture icon thanks to his performance as "The Dude" in the Joel and Ethan Coen brothers' 1998 stoner comedy The Big Lebowski. But fans of the cult comedy know that Lebowski was a connoisseur of White Russians as well as cannabis. And there's only one way to mix The Dude's signature cocktail correctly according to Jeff Bridges.

In 2012, Bridges and an MSNBC camera crew crashed the bar at Washington, D.C.'s BlackFinn Saloon and offered a free mixology lesson. To make a White Russian The Dude's way, Bridges says you need to first coat the glass in milk and Kahlua. Then add two scoops of ice - one for the glass and one to slip inside the pocket of an unsuspecting patron at the bar. Then you fill the glass with a generous amount of vodka - preferably Tito's, the pride of Austin, Texas.

Somehow Bridges kept a straight face through the mock tutorial. But the joke ended up being on him. While The Dude happily slurps White Russians any chance he gets, Bridges isn't a fan of the cocktail - even though he gets free ones from fans all the time. And teaching them how to make it the proper way probably encouraged fans to send him more freebies. 

In February 2015, Bridges told Jimmy Kimmel that he usually turns down the free drinks, but sometimes he indulges fans and his sweet tooth. "I'll have a White Russian when I feel like drinking a dessert," he told Jimmy Kimmel in February 2015.

The Bridges abides...


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