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11 Ways The World Has Changed Since The Cubs And Jays Last Won It All

The 2015 MLB Postseason offers a momentous opportunity for the Chicago Cubs and the Toronto Blue Jays. Chicago holds the unwanted honor of having America's longest World Series Championship drought, and Toronto (by default as the only Canadian team in the majors) holds the Great White North's longest drought.

The National League's Cubs last won in 1908; the American League's Jays, in 1993. Both have only won the World Series twice, and both did it in back-to-backs. History will be made if these teams meet in a World Series guaranteed to end one of these streaks.

To get fired up for a potentially historic run for either the Cubs or the Jays - which begins Oct. 6 for Chicago and Oct. 8 for Toronto - we've put together a gallery illustrating how things have changed since 1908 and 1993.

World Leaders

1993: Prime Minister Kim Campbell (left); President William Jefferson Clinton (right)

1908: President Theodore Roosevelt (left); Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier (right)

National Emblems

1993: The same flags we have now.

1908: Canada was flying the Canadian Red Ensign. It didn't begin flying the iconic maple leaf until 1965. The American flag only had 46 stars (the current lineup minus Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska).


1993: Note the sleek floppy disk drive on the left.

1908: And the snazzy dials on the Hollerith Machine, Which tabulated census data at the turn of the 20th century.




Top Movies

1993: The movie on the left needs no introduction.

1908: The top hit that year was the silent serial " The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays," hosted by L. Frank Baum (pictured right).

Baseball Cards

World Series Tickets

Dance Crazes

1993: Carlton, the Fresh Prince's cousin, breaks loose and creates a dance sensation.

1908: The dance-hall craze of the aughts was the Boston Two-Step.

Hit Songs

Yes, the ball-diamond ditty was the top hit of 1908.

In 1993, Whitney Houston's hit became the best-selling single of all time by a female artist.

The song's theme of unconditional love likely appeals to Cubs and Jays fans who have suffered through tough times with their teams.

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