This On-The-Water Screening of 'Jaws' is Your Worst Nightmare

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jaws’ is rightly considered a classic of suspense and horror, despite the fact that it is typically viewed on dry land. You know, where sharks can’t get you?

But film blog Birth.Movies.Death (in conjunction with FandangoNOW and the Alamo Drafthouse) is taking 'Jaws' to a whole other level with a “dive-in” screening. 

That’s right. At selected water parks around Texas, you’ll be able to hop into your inner tube and watch the terrifying classic while your legs dangle vulnerably in the water. And floating beside you…is that a beer? Or a fin??

If that’s not enough shark action for you, there will also be land-based screenings of the much-maligned sequels, including 'Jaws 3' (in 3-D no less) and 'Jaws: The Revenge' (the film that coined the tagline, ‘this time it’s personal’).

Head on over to Birth.Movies.Death for the locations and times. 


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