Jamie Lee Curtis Finally Addressed The Controversial Weed Scene In Halloween

In the classic horror flick 'Halloween,' Jamie Lee Curtis' character Laurie Strode escaped the murderous clutches of Michael Myers despite all the odds against her. Not only was she pitted against an emotionless killing machine, but she also broke one of the cardinal rules of surviving horror movies: don't do drugs.

Anyone who's seen the satirical horror movie 'Scream' knows there are certain rules that characters must follow to survive a slasher film. 

"Number one, you can never have sex....Sex equals death," film geek Randy (Jamie Kennedy) declared in the film's most self-reflective moment. "Number two, you can never drink or do drugs....And number three, never ever under any circumstances say, 'I'll be right back.'"

Laurie never said those fatal four words in 'Halloween,' nor did she have sex during the film. But she did puff a joint onscreen with her (soon-to-be-deceased) friend Annie (Nancy Keyes). And if you think she got away with it because Michael Myers wasn't watching, then check out the clip below. You'll see Myers tailing Laurie and Annie in the car he stole from Dr. Loomis. 

So did Curtis' iconic scream queen actually break the horror movie rules and survive? Not according to Curtis, who says Laurie didn't break so much as bend the rules.

While promoting the latest 'Halloween' sequel earlier this month, Curtis said her character "was the archetype that had to be the center of that story, which is an innocent girl, without boyfriends, without experience. She’s the good girl, even though she did smoke pot, which is such an anomaly for a good girl. But the way she smokes it, you can see she’s not experienced. She coughs and she sort of blows it.”

In other words, she probably didn't inhale...not much, at least. So Laurie isn't an exception but another example that proves the rule: if you want to survive a slasher movie, stay sober.

Check out the full interview below, where Curtis discusses filming 'Halloween' and the legacy of Laurie Strode.


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