James Franco Reads Famous Video Games Lines as Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau is a film director and actor most famous for producing “The Room”, which critics call “one of the worst movies ever made”. James Franco’s new movie “The Disaster Artist” chronicles the making of “The Room” and Wiseau’s life behind the scenes. The movie introduces a side of Wiseau that most fans haven’t seen before because he doesn’t reveal much about himself, including his age or where he’s from. When Wiseau is asked where he’s from his answer is always New Orleans, but his accent sounds more European than American. Franco enjoys playing Wiseau so much that while shooting “The Disaster Artist”, he directed using Tommy’s unique voice, which he also continues to use in a number of interviews for the film.

During an interview for “The Disaster Artist” IGN asked Franco to recite iconic video game lines in the voice of Tommy Wiseau. Game designers and “The Room” fans have previously tried to recreate Wiseau’s movie in video game form, but have only just succeeded with the addition of James Franco as Tommy Wiseau. Franco read iconic lines from video games including “Resident Evil”, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, “Super Mario”, “Mortal Kombat”, and more classic video games.


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