James Corden's Best Marijuana Moments

James Corden - the English comedian who took over CBS' The Late Late Show from fellow Brit Craig Ferguson in December 2014 - hasn't been on the air long. But the funnyman - who turns 38 today - has already made an impression on cannabis culture by featuring marijuana jokes and pro-pot celebrities on the show. Here are his best cannabis moments for far.

1. Busting the 'Late Show' crew

Last January, the top don't-drive-while-high story involved two paranoid guys in Idaho calling 911 on themselves because they were convinced that they were being followed by legions of undercover cops and they wanted the madness to stop. Corden tried to have a bit of fun with paranoid smokers watching at home by staring directly into the camera and saying that he could see who they were. But the joke backfired when the entire crew of "The Late Late Show" got scared and tried to turn themselves in for being high.

2. The Snoop Dogg of Ohio

When Corden found out that singer Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees was trying to legalize marijuana in Ohio, he couldn't resist poking fun at the former boyband leader, calling him the "Snoop Dogg of Ohio." Corden also said that Ohio's failed marijuana ballot measure was a big blow to football fans in the Buckeye State. "It remains illegal to get high in Ohio, which means there is still no legal way to enjoy a Cleveland Browns game."

3. 'The 420 Song'

Corden isn't the only one cracking weed jokes on "The Late Late Show." To celebrate 4/20 in 2015, Corden let bandleader Reggie Watts sing an original tune called "The 420 Song." The track is an impressive cannabis fusion mix, blending rap, ska and psychedelic rock into a potent pot ballad.

4. Corden's strain of choice

The British comedian doesn't just joke about marijuana. He knows a thing or two about cannabis culture. When Vogue interviewed him last June, they asked what strain of cannabis he would be. "Skywalker," Corden said without missing a beat.

5. Singing with FLOTUS 

We've saved the best for last. Corden's version of "The Late Late Show" is probably most famous for carpool karaoke, which features him driving around and singing with celebrities. And the best instalment featured First Lady Michelle Obama and Pass that Dutch singer Missy Elliot singing along with Corden. 

Banner image: Reggie Watts, James Corden at the 21st Annual Critics Choice Awards at the Barker Hanger on January 17, 2016 in Santa Monica, CA (Helga Esteb, Shutterstock.com) 


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