Infographic: Which James Bond Is The Biggest Bad Ass?

Who played Bond best? A new infographic courtesy of may have the answer.

If your ideal 007 is a ladies man, you should be a fan of George Lazenby, who bedded the most women in his single outing as Bond. The chastest? Daniel Craig.

When it comes to gunning down bad guys, Pierce Brosnan leads the pack with many more kills than the others. Meanwhile, Lazenby killed the least - probably because he did his dirty work between the sheets.

Missing from the evaluation? Cigarettes smoked, cars driven, explosions caused, and near-death experience.


Prime Minister-designate Boris Johnson has dabbled with illicit drugs in the past, but reforming the United Kingdom's antiquated cannabis laws probably won't be part of his future. On Monday it was officially announced that MP Boris Johnson had been elected as Leader of the Conservative Party, which means he will succeed outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May as the head of government. Johnson is expected to take a different approach to politics than his predecessor, but anyone hoping that he will push for national cannabis reform probably shouldn't hold their breath.

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