Jamaica Just Opened Its Very First Marijuana Dispensary

As surprising as it sounds, Jamaica - a country many would see as synonymous with cannabis - got their very first cannabis dispensary just last week.

Located in Saint Ann, Kaya Farms offers a multi-purpose facility outfitted with a café and spa alongside the dispensary itself as well as an on-site farm. Like many other places where medical marijuana is legal, patients will need a doctor’s recommendation before they can buy. There will be doctors available at the dispensary for just such a purpose. Kaya also has a smoking room, for anyone looking to do so once they’ve made their purchase.

Aside from the abundant varieties of cannabis to choose from in the dispensary, the spa offers balms and lotions on top of traditional spa treatments.

Balram Vaswani, owner and chairman of Kaya Farms, says opening this dispensary was a dream he’s had since 1999. Hopefully that dream will also come true for patients living in countries that still prohibit medicinal cannabis use.


No matter how you partake, the timeline of a nice cannabis session is often the same. Things change a lot as the minutes tick by, and there's definitely a turning point, when things get a little more serious. So next time you have a smoke or an edible, see if your timeline matches up with this one.

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