Jack White On Covering A Love Song By Al Capone For His Latest Album

Everyone knows Al Capone as the kingpin behind the illegal liquor trade in Chicago back in the 1920s. But only a few former inmates at Alcatraz got to know him as the banjo-playing songwriter in a prison band with Machine Gun Kelly on drums. Now we can get a glimpse of that other side of Capone thanks to Jack White, who recorded Capone's love song 'Humoresque' for his latest album.

It's a "a gentle, beautiful song," White recently told Rolling Stone. "It shows you, like, what we were talking about earlier. Human beings are complicated creatures with lots of emotions going on."

That earlier conversation was about White's own run-ins with the law, especially the fist fight that landed him in court back in 2003.

"With me, you get the extremes of every single emotion: happiness, joy, jealousy, anger, excitement, passion, lust," he explained. "I think a lot of emotions have been demonized over the years...as if they should never exist on planet Earth. Absolutely not. Without revenge and anger and these quote-unquote negative emotions, how would we have won World War II?"

Given those unconventional views, it's not surprising that the temperamental musician was drawn to the notorious gangster's unusual hobby of writing love songs. 

To hear White croon Capone's lyrics, check out ''Boarding House Reach' when it comes out on March 23.


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