Ivory Coast Cocoa Farmers Taste Chocolate for the First Time

We consider chocolate a treat - an affordable and accessible reward for (hopefully) eating well most of the time. But what about the people who actually produce cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate? A journalist visited a community in Ivory Coast that grows and picks cocoa and discovered that none of them had actually tasted chocolate before. He gave them some, and of course they loved it. 

"We complain because growing cocoa is hard work," said one man. "Now we enjoy the result. What a privilege to taste it."


John Sinclair is one of the lesser-known people in cannabis culture, but he’s a very important figure, particularly for anti-prohibition activists. Sinclair is a native of Flint, Michigan, far from the hippie epicenters in California or the Warhol scene of the Big Apple. The scene in Michigan was grittier and more blue collar.