Earlier this year, Donald Trump sent a tweet in which he used the word "covfefe." Many people mocked the typo and it became a popular meme. (In fact, you still see people using covfefe.) But not to be outdone, Ivanka Trump sent out her own bizarre tweet.

Yesterday, Ivanka posted a Twitter video to promote an effort by the Trump administration to promote STEM and computer science education in America. While the video itself was fine, the accompanying text was just a jumble of code. Take a look: 

Considering the video was about computer science funding, and the fact that Ivanka has not deleted the tweet, we can assume that the coding was an intentional. But...what the heck does it mean? 

Well, some people who know about code gave Ivanka's tweet a good mocking on Twitter. Take a look:


Meanwhile the President was tweeting about football players kneeling during the national anthem. Welcome to America in 2017!