Many veterans organizations have stood up in the past year and demanded that the federal government allow VA hospitals and doctors to prescribe medical marijuana in states where it is legal. So far, those demands have not been met. But it turns out there's at least one country that believes in this cause: Italy.

Medical marijuana is legal in Italy, as it is in much of western Europe, but the key difference is how open the military is to cannabis. The Italian military not only permits the use of marijuana, but they actually grow it themselves. In fact, the military is one of the very few organizations in Italy that actually grows cannabis.

Other organizations and businesses are allowed to grow marijuana in Italy, but to do so they need to deal with several layers of government bureaucracy, which is infamous for being slow and complicated in the country. Therefore, the Italian military more or less has a monopoly on domestic cannabis production. 

Unfortunately, the military only grows one strain of marijuana, so if it doesn't work for a patient or if they don't like it, they're mostly out of luck. This also means the country is forced to import a lot of its cannabis from places like the Netherlands, which makes it more expensive.

But still, the military growing marijuana and supporting the country's medicinal cannabis program is light-years away from the United States, who refuses to allow veterans access to the drug even where it's legal. That's just completely illogical. 

(h/t Washington Post)