It Looks Like "Bill & Ted 3" Might Actually Be Happening

Dust off your air guitar, because it looks like that new Bill and Ted movie is finally happening – for real this time

“It looks like we might, actually, hopefully make a movie this summer,” the duo said, trading words in a brief video announcement posted to Twitter on Wednesday.

The video features Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter standing before The Hollywood Bowl thanking the fans for their enduring love for the characters. The video was posted online alongside the promise of an August 2020 release date.

First announced back in 2010 before entering into a period of development hell, the third installment in the franchise will be coming after a 29 year gap since ‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey’ was released in 1991.

It will be interesting to see Reeves go back to his comedy roots after the massive action successes of both the Matrix trilogy and the John Wick films over the past three decades.

Oh, and we’re sure Alex Winter has had some things going on, too.

Watch the full announcement for the film, tentatively titled ‘Bill and Ted 3: Face the Music,’ below.


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