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Celebrities Oppose Governor, Activists On Legalization In Ohio

Ohioans vote today on Issue 3 - a controversial measure that would both legalize medical and recreational cannabis in the Buckeye State, and create a marijuana monopoly that many say unfairly rewards the campaign's investors. Here are some video clips that show where some notable activists, celebrities, and politicians stand on the issue.

Those In Favor of Issue 3

TV personality Montel Williams:

Former boy band singer and reality TV star Nick Lachey, who is one of the investors in the campaign:

NBA hall-of-famer Oscar Robertson, who is also an investor:

Cash Money Records rapper Caskey:

Ohio Prosecuting Attorney Joe Deters:

Those Opposed To Issue 3

Sean Nestor of Ohio NORML:

Ohio Crime Stoppers (who are anti-monopoly, not anti-cannabis):

Ohio Governor John Kasich (who opposes legalization in general):

The Editorial Board of WCPO-TV Cincinnati:

The Ohio Farmers Bureau Federation:

The Ohio Bankers League, which represents 200 financial institutions statewide, opposes legalization because it will cause conflict between state and federal law. Banks can be implicated in money laundering if they accept money from the cannabis industry - even in legal states.

h/t Dispatch, Charlotte Observer


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