Is Coca-Cola Making A Marijuana Move?

They haven't announced any official plans yet, but the world's largest beverage company says it's keeping a close eye on the blooming edibles market.

"We are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world," Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers told BNN Bloomberg. "The space is evolving quickly. No decisions have been made at this time."

As opposed to the various beer-makers such as Constellation Brands and Molson-Coors - which have announced their plants to develop THC infused beverages that would give consumers a marijuana high - the drinks Coca-Cola have in their sights are more of the 'recovery drink' category. The 132-year-old company is reportedly in talks with Canadian cannabis producer Aurora to develop the new products.

Soda sales have been declining in recent years and Coca-Cola saw their annual revenue drop 15.5 percent in 2017. Because of this, the company has been looking to diversify their offerings, introducing alcoholic products in Japan and buying Costa Ltd, the UK's largest coffee retailer. 

So who knows: maybe within the next few years we'll be seeing Coke Green hit dispensary shelves.


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