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Is Cannabis the New Dotcom Boom? Here’s What Would Have Happened If You Invested in Google in the Year 2004

This post is brought to you by Invictus MD (OTC: IVITF) (TSXV: IMH).

There are two kinds of investors – those who talk about the investments that changed their lives, and those who lament passing up on what time proved to be a massive opportunity.

The cannabis industry poses just such an opportunity. Its meteoric rise gives every indication that, down the road, there will be investors who are cheersing to their foresight, while others are kicking themselves for missing the boat.

Cannabis Is Outpacing Dotcom Growth

Cannabis shows all the signs of a Dotcom-like boom. In fact as Forbes reported, the cannabis space is growing faster and bigger than the dotcom industry did. In 2016, cannabis sales in North America grew by surprising 30%, reaching $6.7 billion. And the industry is expected to continue to grow by at least 25% annually, hitting $20.2 billion by 2021.

Compare that against the dotcommers, which grew at what was then considered the astounding pace of 22%. And the cannabis industry is just getting started.

Smart companies are recognizing this potential, and they’ve already begun assembling diverse portfolios of investment opportunities. Look at Invictus MD (OTC: IVITF) (TSXV: IMH), for example, which has developed a manifold suite of cannabis ventures which better positions them to take advantage of the cannabis boom.

Twenty years from now, investors who follow suit are going to reaping the rewards.

The Rewards of Early Adoption

When it comes to an industry that is as new and filled with potential as cannabis, early adoption is essential.

Since we’re discussing the Dotcom boom, let’s look at Google as an example.

Google Cannabis Boom

If you had bought one share of Google when it when public in 2004, its value would have grown from $85 then to $1,875 today. That’s an outrageous 2,105.88% growth. Had you purchased $1,000 worth of Google stock, it would be worth $18,522 today. $10,000 would be $185,384.53. And an initial investment of $100k would ring at nearly $2 million now.

As you can see, the benefits of investing in the dotcom industry early were many – many dollar signs, that is. And as the cannabis industry is already outpacing the dotcom era in growth, early adopting cannabis investors are positioned for even better payouts.
So what can investors who are looking at cannabis learn from the dotcom boom?

Get in early.

Investors who got into the dotcom space early were those who brought home the biggest rewards. These kinds of booms tend to snowball fast, and by getting involved in the beginning you’re better poised to take advantage of new developments over time.

Make diverse investments.

Members of Invictus MD along with guests, opening the trading day on TSX Venture

Members of Invictus MD (OTC: IVITF) (TSXV: IMH) along with guests, opening the trading day on TSX Venture Exchange.

As I’ve already mentioned, companies like Invictus MD are already offering diverse investment portfolios in order to make it easy to take advantage of the many new and ever-emerging opportunities presented by the rapidly growing cannabis space. This not only positions an investor to enjoy returns from a variety of directions, but better protects them during times of difficulty or slower growth.

Don’t get rattled by negative news.

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry faces a number of challenges. But sometimes difficulties can be turned into strengths. Don’t let a bit of industry turbulence scare you. If anything, it’s going to shake out the investors who don’t have the stomach for it, thereby positioning you for even greater returns.

So what are you waiting for? The last thing you want to do is pass on the cannabis industry, only to look back fifteen or twenty years from now and say, “What if?”

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