Is Cannabis Legal In Kentucky?

Despite a number of close-call bills entering the senate, the state of Kentucky has yet to legalize the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana. However, residents still carry strong hope for a law reform in the near future. With a new Governor who displayed his support of medicinal cannabis treatment on the campaign trail, new bills continue to be submitted in the hopes of a healthier tomorrow. During a televised debate on October 25, High Times reported that Gov. Matt Bevin “told the crowd that there is enough ‘unequivocal medical evidence’ that cannabis has therapeutic benefit to support the development of a comprehensive medical marijuana program across the state and begin allowing the herb to ‘be prescribed like any other prescription drug.'”

Bevin originally submitted a bill in 2016 to introduce medical marijuana legislation. Unfortunately, the bill didn't approve any real consideration and was neither approved nor denied, until the bill eventually died out.

In January 2017, Senator Perry Clark introduced another bill that would legalize both the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana for adults. The state may view this new bill as a potential way to increase state funding as well as lowering the narcotics overdose rate (as shown by multiple published reports).

Until these new bills are considered and passed, the use of marijuana continues to be viewed as a criminal offense.


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