Is Cannabis Legal in Hawaii?

As of 2016, Hawaii joined the ranks of states legalizing the use of cannabis, but at the moment only medicinally. While this is a big step for the big islands, it doesn't come without its fair share of restrictions.

While many states already have fully functional medical dispensaries, Hawaii had just opened the doors to their own medicinal shops. The actual decriminalization of marijuana took place in 2000, with over a decade passing before the first medicinal dispensaries appeared. Residents caught purchasing or using marijuana without a medical marijuana card are subject to receiving a maximum fine of $1000 and 30 days in jail.

In order for residents to be able to purchase legal marijuana, they must first visit a licensed physician to determine whether or not their current physical state could benefit the regular use of cannabis. Conditions that may warrant a medical marijuana card include: cancer, glaucoma, immune deficiency syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe pain, nausea and even seizures. Dispensaries will carry edibles (food, candies, or drinks), transdermal products (creams, lotions, and massage oils), seeds, and clones (full grown marijuana plants). Prices are expected to run at approximately $30 per gram. Patients are also limited to buying up to four ounces every 15 days. Any marijuana purchase is not allowed to be taken outside of state lines and must be consumed while still in beautiful Hawaii.

Medical marijuana cards last a span of 12 months and should be renewed 60 days prior to expiration to avoid any lapses in your registration.

While Hawaii may be slowly developing their marijuana laws, the state definitely shows signs that legal recreational use is not far behind. To know when recreational use is permitted, and to be aware of all changes made to current marijuana laws, be sure to always do your homework prior to purchasing medicinal marijuana.


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