Is Cannabis Legal In Arizona?

While recreational use of cannabis is not legal in the state of Arizona, the use of medicinal marijuana has been legal since early 2010. While the law does permit the use of medicinal marijuana, there has been some concern over the additional laws that accompany it.

Even with new medical marijuana laws, police still reserve the right to search vehicles and premises if they smell marijuana.

In addition to being at risk for being searched, employers still hold the right to fire employees for possessing or being under the influence of marijuana in the workplace, even with a medical marijuana card. Employers also hold the right to hold random drug tests and terminate those that do not pass.

Carrying a medicinal marijuana card does not mean you are able to use cannabis while on a college campus. Arizona is the only state in the US that has legalized medicinal marijuana that does not allow the use or possession of cannabis on college campuses. It is also against the law for cardholders to hold cannabis on public transportation or near any school where children could be present.

Using medical marijuana also affects your rights to own firearms. Card carrying medical marijuana users are prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition.

With over 63,000 active medicinal marijuana cardholders in the state of Arizona, there may be signs of cannabis restrictions easing up due to public pressure. Currently, there are questions regarding whether or not Arizona will be joining states like California and Colorado by legalizing the recreational use of cannabis. More than likely, the gradual easing of current medicinal marijuana laws will occur before recreational laws are passed.

As cannabis laws change in Arizona it is important to stay up to date on all rules and regulations prior to purchasing or consuming cannabis.


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