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Is Cannabis Legal In Alaska?

In February 2015 Alaska set into effect Ballot Measure 2, that won in favor with a 53% vote in favor of the recreational use of marijuana. The change in laws has boosted the cannabis market and has also increased tourism.

Since then, Alaskan adults (age 21 and older) are legally allowed to possess and use cannabis without carrying a medical marijuana card. The law does come with some limitations, allowing residents to possess no more than one ounce of marijuana, and grow no more than six marijuana plants within their home with only three of which flowering.

While recreational marijuana is currently legal, retail cannabis shops are still not a common occurrence within the state since state legislature is still in the process of creating proficient licensing, taxing and retail laws for this evolving market. Until new recreational stores appear, residents and tourists can still purchase cannabis from dispensaries that have opted to participate in recreational sales.

While cannabis is legal throughout the state, employers and homeowners societies still hold the right to screen employees and residents and prohibit use within specified facilities. Laws encourage that smoking marijuana is done in the comfort of your home, however, public consumption is not prohibited as long as it is within a certain distance from schools and children.

Similar to alcohol laws, it is illegal to drive while under the influence of marijuana. Violators found to be driving with marijuana in their system can be charged with a DUI. It is also illegal for residents and tourists to take cannabis outside of state borders.

Since Alaska cannabis laws are only a couple of years old, they are constantly undergoing transitional changes. For this reason it is important to check in on current laws prior to purchasing and consuming cannabis to ensure you are on the right side of federal laws.


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