Irish Psychiatrist Claims Cannabis 'Does More Damage To Humans Than Any Drug That Is Out There'

An Irish psychiatrist made quite a stir at the Irish Medical Organisation Annual General Meeting with his comments regarding medical marijuana on April 5. "It is a compound that I would love to be banished from the planet. It does more damage to humans than any drug that is out there,” Dr. Matthew Sadlier said during his presentation as recorded by the Irish Examiner.

Sadlier stated cannabis must be subjected to the same research practices other medical substances are.

“There should not be any short-cut legislation specifically on medical cannabis that is not evidence-based.”

He claims cannabis has not been shown to be an effective medical substance (a blatant fallacy) and that at least a third of the patients he sees require psychiatric help because of their cannabis use.

"It is a destructive, nasty, evil drug and a lot of people are trying to pretend that it does not have side-effects and that it does not have negative consequences. It tears apart families; it tears apart lives and it tears apart our country."

While we tend to agree that marijuana research could be seriously expanded, the rest of Sadlier's comments are exactly the kind of fearmongering that prevents that sort of work from moving forward.


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