There's One Kind Of Beer That's Better For You Than Any Others, Says This New Study

Do you love beer but hate the knowledge that it’s gradually turning your liver into mashed potatoes? 

If the results of a new study are to be believed, drinking more India pale ales (IPAs) may be your solution (you could also just stop drinking so much, but what kind of solution is that?)

Looking to find out whether there are any health benefits to drinking the popular hoppy brew (which now accounts for 25 percent of all domestic craft beer sales, according to data from Nielsen), German scientists divided a group of female mice into three sets: one group consumed hoppy beer, one group drank beer without hops, and the other group drank straight ethanol.  

Twelve hours later, the researchers opened the mice’s livers to study the impacts of each type of alcohol. What they found was that the mice that drank the hoppy beer had the least amount of fat buildup in their livers.

Thus, the scientists deduced that beer with high hops content (AKA IPAs) could help protect your liver from the harmful effects of alcohol.

This is good news for IPA enthusiasts, although it should be noted that the study was funded by the German brewing industry and it’s still not known whether the results will correlate to humans.

But hey, we’ll take any excuse to drink more IPAs.  

h/t Men's Health 


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